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Technology can be a great thing..... Most of the time....

More and more cars utilize keyless fob entry systems.  A system where your car can only be opened or started when the fob is within a short distance of the car.  There are a number of advantages to this type of system, however it didn't take thieves long to find a way to use keyless systems to their own advantage. 

Using a device called a "boost", thieves can extend the signal distance between the car and the fob by up to 100 yards.  So, while you may be sleeping peacefully or just relaxing with your family, a car thief may be using your own keyless fob to enter your car.    

What can you do?   One answer is a "Faraday Cage".   A Faraday Cage blocks electric fields and protects devices from radio frequency interference.  A number of Faraday Cage gadgets are available, however almost everyone has a Faraday Cage in their home already. It's called a microwave oven.  Designed to keep microwaves from escaping the oven, the oven also keeps waves from reaching the inside.  So, strange as it may sound, when you're at home consider protecting your keyless entry vehicle by keeping the fob in your microwave oven.