What Makes Us Unique

Only a very few businesses will ever achieve the milestone of reaching the century mark.  When one does, like The Bogy Company, it begs the question what separates that business from all the others that have fallen by the wayside.  We think it comes down to a few core business beliefs.....   

First, providing the best service to our clients.  Our success is directly attributable to providing the very best possible service, partnering with the best insurance providers and offering excellent rates to our clients.  We have the experience and the expertise to help our clients navigate the world of insurance.  Each agent/broker at Bogy-Collins is at least a second generation agent, with a minimum of 25-years of experience in insurance.       

Second, respect for our clients.  We know that our clients have choices when it comes to buying insurance and we honor their decision to do business with The Bogy Company / Bogy-Collins Insurance. 

Finally, integrity and loyalty.  It seems like some of our competitors will do or say just about anything to get your business.  We think that's a sad and short sighted approach to business.  We believe the foundation to our success is our reputation for integrity and loyalty built over three generations and more than a century of service to our clients.   

We hope to serve you.